Daimler EDM CAE Forum


On 17-18 July 2019, Daimler AG will once again host the Daimler EDM CAE Forum at the ICS in Stuttgart. The event is aimed exclusively at employees and suppliers of Daimler. Visitors can register at the following link: https://edm-cae-forum.daimler.com/de/home/.

We look forward to returning to Stuttgart again: Christian Kind, Senior Consultant for PLM Processes, and  an employee of Daimler AG will give a joint presentation and introduce a showcase on how to adapt complex IT infrastructures to new requirements. Since even small methodological changes may have a considerable impact on an information technology infrastructure, it is important to make the changes transparent and guarantee a secure execution. For this purpose, appropriate methods and tools have to be applied, both developed demand driven and based on an agile concept. This lecture illustrates the essential challenges and presents the approaches from InMediasP's viewpoint within the project, together with Daimler AG.

At our booths we will present prototypes of the projects “Modular Product Structure” and “Event Control”. In addition, we show an integrated, efficient backup process for the development of highly-variant products as well as cloud-based tools and methods for validating documentation Quality.

All guests of the Daimler EDM CAE Forum are welcome to pay us a visit!

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