Digital transformation of companies


„Digital transformation of companies“ is the current working title of a planned VDI standard. With its help decision makers are supported in mastering challenges and changes of the digitization in their companies.

A heterogeneous group of experts is working on this topic in the past three years. Recently, ten members of this standard board have been appointed personally and officially. We are pleased that Christian Kind, an InMediasP colleague, is part of this as well.

Especially small and medium-sized companies are currently overcharged by the complexity of this topic and necessary changes. Adapted assistance is in demand. The standard is not about to be the actual objective, but to be an orientation framework and illustrate possible approaches. Companies must realize that the digital transformation effects all company departments and it will just be successful if it is performed based on a company strategy with a holistic approach regarding humans, technology and organization.

An intermediate result of preparing the standard is a study about the “Digital transformation process in companies” that already aims to fulfil the above objective. Based on this study, the standard is prepared. After public discussion and common possibilities for response, the standard is adopted as “state of the art” and thus can be consulted for pertinent, juristic cases.

Within multiple one- and two-day-workshops, as well as in online-meetings, the standard is about to be finalized until the end of the year 2019. This is very ambitious, but digitization does not wait!

We wish much success on Christian Kind and are glad that he will create the future of digitization in this commission.

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