Digitalization of product certification

An automated data federation for your certification processes! How do we do that? We take a holistic view of your value chain and seamlessly integrate product certification – completely digitalized, of course. The certification-relevant data is marked as such in your PLM systems. This allows you to compile all the data required for type approval at the push of a button, precisely tailored to the respective regulations in the target market.

Homologation 2.0 – Rising to a new level with BizDevOps!

Do you want to get ahead of growing market requirements? Together with you, we design a future-proof concept to ensure conformity in all phases of product development. On the basis of an innovative, comprehensive process model, we develop customized solutions that enable dynamic adaptation to flexible product characteristics and new certification requirements at any time. In addition to development, we are also happy to take over operations of your solution. Your goal is our mission: Your best possible flexibility and ability to deliver to national and international markets!

Breadth of service and impact areas

  • PLM strategy
  • Digitalization
  • PDM/PLM processes and methods
  • Variant and configuration management
  • Complexity management
  • BoM methods
  • Process automation
  • Certification processes and data
  • Data quality assurance
  • IT architectures, IT processes
  • Individual software and IT solutions
  • Prototypes (PoC) and pilots (MVP)
  • Migration planning from old to new system
  • Human Change Management

InMediasP to download

In our brochure you can access all the important details and information on InMediasP offline, too.