High performance for successful projects

Calmly consider your project years ahead. We’ll help you steer it there successfully. To do this, we offer you a portfolio that makes the complexity in developing products or services manageable.

Effective strategies for the entire process

From analysis, implementation and quality assurance for your project to roll-out and first use of the tangible result – we deal with the ‘big picture’ for you. That enables you to keep your final step in mind before you take your very first one and to record all the ways your project interacts with, relies upon and impacts other factors. As experts in the overview, we illuminate all systems, processes and methods, advise you individually on the feasibility of your vision and support its implementation in operational terms – with software that's as unique as your project, for instance.

More flexibility and transparency with agile methods

Depending on your needs, we can provide you with a classic, conventional approach or maximum flexibility. Our agile methods in particular allow for maximum transparency and adaptability. This helps us simplify complex processes and accelerate your project – for successful placement in the markets of tomorrow.

Services contact
Jörg Lüddemann
Managing Director
+49 3302 559-420

Homologation and WLTP

Automate the process of product homologation – data federation of relevant customer systems.

Successfully implement emission test procedure WLTP – by ensuring process and data quality.

Digital engineering

Measuring the future – with CAD and DMU methods, requirements engineering and management, virtual reality and model-based systems engineering in a modern development environment.

Bill of materials 2.0

Create high-performance structures – with consistent and integrated parts lists for variant, configuration and complexity management.

Process automation

Shape automated processes efficiently – through data transformation, machine learning and digital assistants.

InMediasP to download

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