Software development

Precisely calculating and coordinating every process in the development of products and services and guiding it to its destination. Whether online message services for automotive or visualised vehicle configurations, or variant toolkits, project management systems or programs for visualising geometric data – we develop unique company-specific software solutions that are equipped to meet the most complex requirements. We’re with you every step of the way, from needs analysis and drafting to implementation of the software, and support you with numerous tests through to delivery.

Agile software development

Want your products to reach the market even faster? We combine your standards with the opportunities offered by agile software development. It ensures added transparency and flexibility in every project phase, enables faster use of our systems and minimises the risks in the entire development process for your products.
We give you sound long-term advice on agile model implementation in your specific development processes. Where necessary, we can take over the entire management of your projects.

Breadth of service and impact areas

  • Individual software and IT solutions
  • Digital assistants
  • IT architecture
  • Process and test automation
  • Prototypes and pilots
  • Proof of concept
  • Continuous deployment

InMediasP to download

In our brochure you can access all the important details and information on InMediasP offline, too.