Strategies & innovative processes

Highlight a broader view of your project’s ‘big picture’. Whether products, services or overall workflows – we create an objective 360° view of the most complex process chains and all internal and external contexts. In doing so, we analyse the entire life cycle of your products and services and improve your capacity for collaboration across departments and companies using individual strategies and methods.

Breadth of service and impact areas

  • PLM strategy
  • PDM/PLM processes and methods
  • Product architecture/modularisation, full variance
  • Variant and configuration management
  • BoM methodology
  • Complexity management
  • Model-based systems engineering (MBSE)
  • Human change management
  • Homologation processes and data
  • Optimization of emission and consumption data (WLTP, NEDC, WHDC)

InMediasP to download

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