Moving into the future together

Your individuality needs free space. That's why all our doors are open to you – for versatile projects, tough tasks and a friendly atmosphere. Whether you're in consulting or software development, an intern or a director – for over 20 years, we have built good communication across all levels and a company environment without barriers.

In our company, you will work in an interdisciplinary team of all-rounders and specialists developing highly individual solutions that are strategically relevant for our customers. This is our shared passion. It brings us together in our day-to-day collaboration, as well as on our many trips and events – whether on the ski piste or the Charles Bridge in Prague, on the football field or at our Team Tech days, where we bring daring ideas to life.

Apply now – to join a company that offers visionary projects, many years of experience and a strong team spirit, not to mention great working conditions. These include flexible working hours, a company pension and fresh fruit and vegetables in the kitchen.

Space for free spirits

Is freedom part of your DNA? Help us think beyond disciplines. Develop quirky ideas into innovations. Enjoy what you do.

From fiction to science

Are you wondering what will be driving our world in ten years? Help shape the answer – with us. We are making all kinds of future visions a reality for companies such as BSH, Daimler and Siemens.

A career on the up

Think nobody knows what the future brings? We do. Not just in terms of future technologies, but for your career and education.

Our vacancies

Move into the future with us and become part of a team shaping the innovations of tomorrow.