We decode the world of tomorrow

Pooling technologies, joining up expertise, thinking outside of the box. We go beyond convention to make sure your vision for the future makes history today.

Shifting prospects for success

At InMediasP, we develop individual responses to the future for our customers and would rather ask too many questions than too few. In our processes, every problem is considered from a variety of perspectives using an intensive and networked approach. Our strongest driving force is our urge to innovate. The result: unique solutions to suit your vision.

Cooperation par excellence

The toughest demands require deep understanding. We take time for your project, delve right to its core and make its complexity manageable. The key to this is the intensity of our cooperation. Working with you as a skilled partner, we guide every process from problem to solution – with on-site specialists, intensive workshops and ongoing feedback.

A thrust for innovation

To ensure you are in pole position on the global market, we make your vision a reality through innovation, not convention. We go the road less travelled to invigorate projects with a passion for progress, unbridled curiosity and a workflow that is both flexible and agile. This helps us simplify complex processes and accelerate the drive to the ideal result.

Networked potential

The bigger the challenge, the deeper we delve, and the more broadly we position ourselves. With a networked team of IT specialists, mavericks and all-round talents, as well as state-of-the-art technologies such as virtual reality, we create 360° solutions and make the most complex processes clear.

No matter how challenging the task, we’ll provide the solution. Because we make complexity manageable. From structuring large quantities of data to reducing product variants. From integrating extensive data models to incorporating all influencing factors. From forward planning in all areas to visualising extensive data and processes.

Our name is how we think

InMediasP means: in the midst of processes, products and product development. That means: with our specific expertise, we get stuck into your project and steer it towards success with the right solution for you.

Managing Directors

Dr. Armin Ulbrich, Dr. Jörg Lüddemann, Dr. Volker Kleinhans
+49 3302 559-420