Digital Twins – We make the digital twin tangible!

The digital twin is more than just a digital representation of a product, service or process. We focus on establishing innovative models to comprehensively combine virtual and physical data – all with the aim of increasing reusability and enabling intelligent prediction. From design to production, after sales and recycling, the digital twin helps you to make the right decisions, putting you in a strong and resilient position for the future through the continuous improvement of your products and services.

Creating vision with the digital twin

We see the digital twin as more than just a theory. In a series of innovative projects, we have established a sustainable link between digital models and physical products. Examples include true-colour product visualisation, bi-directional data exchange with PDM systems in the fields of maintenance, repair and operations, xR applications on different end devices and digital product life cycle documentation. Using digital copies to monitor and make predictions for future projects is not a magic trick, but a reality. Our work on the digital twin goes beyond customer projects. We continue to advance the issue through internal and external research projects, group initiatives, workshops and in-house trade fairs. We are investing in the digital twin, establishing concepts and developing demonstrators in order to strengthen skills and be able to provide you with a customised solution.

Comprehensive embedding of the digital twin

The concept design and process development of a digital twin involves much more than just understanding and operating the tools, hardware and software. A good command of the variants and configurations in the process is essential. Engineering lays the foundation to map the virtual twins with the actual twin during later interaction and data exchange. Product DNA is the core element for establishing a digital twin. We understand your individual processes and are able to analyse them in detail and provide a vision for the development of innovative solutions. In our PLM 4.0, Digital Twins, Green PLM, Product DNA and End-To-End Solutions business clusters, we plan and develop solutions for the future challenges of the industry. Regardless of the sector, you can benefit from our ability to comprehensively embed the digital twin in existing IT infrastructures.

We prepare you to face any individual requirement. Our expertise and portfolio are your advantage! We make the digital twin tangible!

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